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Errol's GY6 swapped Honda Ruckus

Errol's GY6 swapped Honda Ruckus

The Honda Ruckus is one of those bikes(?) that has a cult following, especially in the aftermarket. It's not difficult to double the price of your ruckus with the parts available. Errol didn't talk about what he spent on building this ruckus but I can assure you, it wasn't cheap. Some people don't see the point in spending so much money on a vehicle that tops out around 45 MPH (stock). It seems that most people that build ruckuses are coming over from the car scene, and with that comes things that you just dont see everyday on motorcycles. This became clear as soon as Errol pulled up to the shop. I went outside and everyone was standing around this little ruckus with their jaws on the floor. This little bike was full of details and character.  

We all looked at this bike while talking to Errol about upcoming shop bikes and our projects we had in the works. It seemed that every time we looked down at the bike we each noticed something new. 

Saying that this ruckus has been customized feels like an understatement. Errol has swapped the motor, wheels, suspension, brakes, and electrical system...and that's just the broad strokes. Thinking back on it now, I'm pretty sure the only thing left stock was the fuel cell. Errol is into cars as mentioned before, the color is from a MK2 VW Golf that belongs to his girlfriend. If you're a Woodstock native you have probably seen this car around. Errol also pulled from the car for inspiration on the seat, which is of course, custom. Its made from an old VW spec'd Recaro seat and fits this bike perfectly. The stock 49cc motor has been swapped in favor of a GY6 150cc motor, and then bored to 170cc. Errol said its capable of around 65 mph. Considering how close you are to the ground on this bike, I'm not sure you would want to go faster. Check out the brass knuckle kick stand. The wheels and exhaust on this bike have been taken to 11 as well. If I owned this ruckus I would park it in my living room.

Of course the handlebars and controls have all been swapped out. 

  Errol says he's in the process of trying to find a RZ350 that he can build next. If he does this with a ruckus I can't wait to see what he does with an RZ350 


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