Kawasaki Z1 900 Build

Kawasaki Z1 900 Build


Atl Atlanta Z1 Cafe VintageWe recently had a customer come to us for a motor rebuild. A motor "build" to us, is a little bit different from a rebuild in the way that you are adding performance to the motor while refreshing the internals. The ultimate goal of a build is performance. Our customer requested something a bit more than a build-the "whole nine yards" doesn't really do it justice. Atl Atlanta Z1 Cafe VintageWe received the bike in the beginning of December and immediately started tearing the motor apart to see what it would need. Craig (the customer) wanted to get performance from this motor. He had previously had the motor bored out but the job wasn't done correctly. This time around Craig wanted to make sure this motor wouldn't be giving him anymore problems.Atl Atlanta Z1 Cafe VintageWork performed:

-Transmission inspected and gears have been undercut

-Crankshaft was trued, welded, and balanced

-Clutch hub was rebuilt and balanced

-New Clutch with stronger springs

-All lower end gaskets replaced as well as new hardware

-New billet breather cover and oil cover kit

-New cam chain

-Wiseco pistons (1015cc) installed

Atl Atlanta Z1 Cafe Vintage

-Cylinders bored

-Cylinder block decked

-Liska rollers, tensioners, and manual chain tensioner installed Atl Atlanta Z1 Cafe Vintage

Finishing out the top end of this motor...

-Decked cylinder heads

-Stainless steel valves

-New valve guides, springs,and stem seals

-New cam sprockets and camshaft bearings

-New cam end plugs and valve cover gasket.

-As a result this bike "screams" to put it in technical terms. We think Craig will be pleased when he comes to pick it up.   



If you have a motor you would like to have serviced, drop us a line or shoot us an email. Give us the details of what kind of work you're looking for. 



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