Custom Honda CX500 Scrambler Off-Road Style

Custom Honda CX500 Scrambler Off-Road Style

CX500 Off-Road Scrambler - Atlanta Motorcycle Works Style!

Neil came to us with a scrambler project he has been working on for quite sometime. He needed a little help getting it to the level of quality that he wanted, so we worked our magic and made his dream a reality.


We started out with our infamous triple bypass which includes new stator, timing chain, and mechanical oil seal.  I already know what you're thinking, what's the big deal with a "triple bypass"? The beauty of the CX motor is it's simplicity and reliability. Things dont often go wrong with these motors if maintained correctly. When things do go wrong with these motors... you are probably going to have to drop the motor in order to fix it. Replacing a stator on a CB is just popping the side covers off, replacing and you're done-but not on a CX. Because you have to take the motor out and open it up, it only makes sense to replace the other wear items while you're there. Needless to say this motor is ready for another 50,000 miles!


After the triple bypass we moved onto wheels and tires as the fueling system had already been taken care of by the customer. He ditched the stock CV carbs in favor of some Mikunis with custom intake runners. We powder-coated the wheels and fitted a pair on Continental TCK80 tires. Sooooo sweet!

Up next were the case guards, for those times when things get a little too exciting! I'm not sure where we got these case guards but they are the coolest ones I've ever seen.  Since the Honda CX500 has a "chopper" style stance from the factory, we installed slightly shorter forks to remedy the look. Paired with the Progressive shocks, you can't go wrong! 

We replaced the factory H-box and upgraded her with a throatier custom exhaust. Then we wrapped it to reduce the temperature and improve the bike's horsepower. Lane made a custom battery tray which is now located where the old stock H-box was. The front fender has also been bobbed for a more aggressive look. Other notable changes include an LED headlight, LED turn signals, and spin-on oil filter conversion kit. Lastly, we installed a pre-fabbed aftermarket seat to give the bike the ultimate look and feel while riding.



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  • Keith

    This is a sweet build! I am redoing my cx right now and would like to know where you found that seat. Thank you and nice work!

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