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Jim's DT250 flat track racer

Jim's DT250 flat track racer

You often here the expression "living the dream." People will say it to you if your job gives you three day weekends or something that is mildly significant. "You get three days off? You're living the dream!" In Jim's case, I think he really is living the dream. I dont know much about Jim aside from hes retired now and races flat track when he isn't riding his tricked out BMW R nine T. That is enough for me to say that Jim is living the dream. When I first saw this bike I had so many questions. I love it because it has so many awesome, one off custom parts for racing.Dt250 Flat Tracker
Jim brought the bike to us for some refreshing before his upcoming race season. The bike itself is a Yamaha DT250 motor, other than that The frame is not a stock DT, nor the forks or wheels. Jim explained that this bike has been circulating the local flat track race scene for a couple years. As each racer gets their hand on the bike they add some parts to it and then sell it in preparation for next season or next project. The idea of this was kinda crazy to me. essentially, each racer who has owned this bike added something they thought it needed to be better. So what do you do when its passed through half a dozen owners who are refining the bike to make it the best it can be? You keep refining.DT250 Flat Tracker
This bike had been ridden hard and put away wet. The exhaust was badly pitted, the carburetor was gummed up, the seat was coming apart, and the fairing appeared to have been damage in a race. 
DT250 Flat TrackerJim opted for our vapor honing service to get the carburetor looking and performing its best. After the fueling was taken care of we sand blasted and ceramic coated the exhaust. The exhaust now looks brand new. 
DT250 Flat Tracker
As mentioned before the seat was in bad shape. We made a custom seat pan and had a new seat made. We used the same fabric used on the Daytona RD400. 
DT250 Flat Tracker
To complete the overall look of the bike, the tank and fairing were repainted and new logos were added. I didn't think it was possible but I like this bike even more now. 
DT250 Flat TrackerIs this the prettiest bike we have ever worked on? no. This bike is built for a purpose and that's the cooler than any show bike. DT250 Flat Tracker


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