Brandon's RD350 Cafe Racer

Brandon's RD350 Cafe Racer

Have you ever heard of the "N+1" formula? Its the formula you tell your friends (or wife) when the ask how many bikes you need. "N" is the number of bikes you own, plus one. No matter how many bikes you own you always want another. Bikes like Brandon's are the reason this equation exists. With today's plastic clad sport bikes and overkill riders aids, I feel myself becoming less attracted to the bikes around me. When you have to plug your bike into a computer to work on it, there is a problem. Bikes like Brandon's RD350 show that some people still care about older bikes and actually use them. Here's a guy that could probably buy whatever bike he wants and he chooses the vintage two stroke. 

You'll have to take my word for it but Brandon isn't in this for the cool points, hes into it because he likes it. This RD350 had been sitting a while but it didn't require much to get it running again. We started with a carb clean and tune. We also did away with the stock oiling system as Brandon is now opting for premix. 

Brandon has many cool bikes and you will be seeing more of them right here!


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