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Brandon's NT650: A street bike built for the track.

Brandon's NT650: A street bike built for the track.

Remember that yellow RD350 cafe racer we featured? Yea this bike belongs to the same guy. This is Brandon's NT650 Hawk, or whats left of it. It was pure coincidence that we had a nearly bone stock NT650 in for service when Brandon dropped this one off. Looking at the two bikes you would have never guessed they were the same bike. The NT650 was Honda's shot at the early Ducati Monster. Its a v-twin, light frame, and single sided swing arm. Some people say that it out performed the monster on the track, back in the day. Brandon's bike would give a current day Ducati a run for its money on the track. Brandon has done a ton of work to this bike but the most notable things are:

Billet crank

Stainless valves

Titanium Connecting rods

new suspension front and rear

VFR wheel swap 

Custom body work

FCR Carbs

and Two Brothers carbon exhaust



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