• Not all builds are full, stripped to the frame, polish and powder coat everything, from the ground up projects. That doesn't mean they are any less stunning. Here we have one of those builds. Starting with a stock 1977 XS650, we turned it into stylish brat anybody would be proud to ride.

    An inexpensive way to immediately set your bike apart from all the others is to have a new frame hoop fabricated and installed, and that's where our client Vlad, decided to start.

    After careful measurements are taken, the frame is cut and a smaller diameter sleeve is welded into place, adding support for the new hoop that's going to be mounted. The sleeve is totally hidden once the installation is complete and makes for a very strong bond.

    Vlad decided to go with our upswept, brat style hoop with integrated LED brake and turn signals. These hoops have a very clean look with all of the wiring being internal.

    Here you can see the channel we machine into the hoop so that the LED indicators mound flush.

    He also opted for these tan grips that closely match the color of his seat, giving his bike an even more custom look. The bar end mirrors are aftermarket units that Vlad supplied.

    After a quick trip to paint, the tank is back on the bike. The rich burgundy really compliments the tan and black theme.

    Continuing on that theme, we wrapped the exhaust in black heat wrap and installed red pod filters to tie the whole thing together. As brat style custom becomes more popular I'm sure we're going to be seeing a lot more of these less expensive builds where it's more about what's removed, than what's added and we're here to help!  

    Build Sheet:

    • Frame cut and channeled hooped welded on
    • LED indicator lights installed
    • Custom Seat
    • Custom Grips
    • Heat wrapped aftermarket exhaust
    • Powder coated frame and swing arm
    • Powder coated fork lowers
    • Powder coated wheels with black lacing
    • Red pod filters installed
    • Carbs rebuilt and tuned for pod filters
    • Moto gadget Bar end indicator lights
    • Moto Gadget switches


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  • Scramblers have been gaining a lot of popularity lately and for good reason. With their ability to navigate effortlessly, from the freeway to the dirt, the multi-function scrambler, offers riders the best of both worlds. Riders have been modifying Triumphs into scramblers since the late 50's with famed bike builder, Von Dutch, building one for Steve McQueen to race in the early 70's called the 'Desert sled”. Jason's Triumph hearkens back to those classic racers while maintaining the rideability of a modern motorcycle.

    A set of drag bars were installed, giving the rider a bit more aggressive riding position without making it uncomfortable for longer rides. Jason opted for smaller mirrors to help lower the overall profile of the bike. 

    Going with a black on black motif, Jason had us powder coat the wheels and have the factory exhaust ceramic coated satin black. You can see the black aftermarket headlight bucket and turn signals being installed below. 

    Jason, riding the Tail of the Dragon in North Carolina.

    Build sheet:

    • New rear disc
    • Front and rear wheel bearings
    • British Customs 'Slammer' seat
    • British Customs fender eliminator kit
    • LSL black drag Bars
    • LSL black headlight bucket
    • Billet black mirrors
    • Continental Twinduro tires
    • Biltwell Torker grips
    • Powder coated wheels satin black
    • Ceramic coated exhaust satin black
    • Aftermarket mini front fender
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