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Exhaust - Early Version No Clips - Kawasaki Z1 900 KZ900

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This is a 4 into 4 muffler set without the clips and comes with the install kit. Manufactured in Japan and produced from the original tooling, this is the best reproduction on the market.  Since these are manufactured from the original tooling the fit is a perfect match to get your bike growling again! 


*Carb Settings*

These mufflers are all single walled tubing, as is the original Z1900 mufflers.  Proper carb setting will keep the header pipes from discoloring.  We have all seen that blue hue on our header pipes, some like and some don't, but in any case this can be kept at bay with a proper fuel/air mix.  Many of the older bikes had the Kerker style 4 into 1 pipes. For 4 to 1 exhaust setting, the fuel mixture is set low so the exhaust temperature is very high and causes the discoloration.  For the stock 4 into 4 setup, the carb setup is more rich and have a lower exhaust temperature so the proper setting of the carburetor can stop the header pipes from changing color. 


Replaces OEM #'s:

  • 18001-227 / Muffler L.H Upper 
  • 18001-184 / Muffler R.H Upper 
  • 18001-183 / Muffler R.H Lower 
  • 92037-103 - 2 Muffler Connector Clamps 
  • 92059-079 - 2 Muffler Connector Hoses

Fits Your:

  • Z1 (Z1) (1973) 
  • Z1-A (Z1) (1974) 
  • Z1-B (Z1) (1975) 
  • KZ900 (1976)