How to Buy a Vintage Bike

  Buying vintage motorcycles can be very tricky. Many factors need consideration. Age, how many owners, previous services, how long has the bike been sitting? When was the last time the motorcycle ran? How was it stored? These are only a few questions one may ask. Yet, there are so many more things to consider, like budget!  It is important to understand that most of the bikes we are talking about here are  30, 40, 50+ years old. Parts are not always easily accessible and can take many long hours to search for just the right gasket, bolt, or engine. Even when you find the part it probably is not new. Having a number in mind for services, builds, restorations, or buying from a private party needs to be researched before any money has changed hands. It is also important to locate a reputable shop to perform a full diagnostic of the motorcycle to uncover any problems or issues, EVEN IF THE BIKE SEEMS TO BE RUNNING PERFECT. 

  If you are looking to buy a vintage motorcycle, give us a call. We would be more than happy to help.