Jared Morris isn't your average "motorcycle guy." Jared gets extremely passionate and involved in what hes riding, this is especially the case with his father's Yamaha RD400. Started as a project with his father the bike became a "ride as you work" type project. We could often hear Jared tearing down the street of his near by neighborhood. While working on the project Jared's dad fell ill, leaving him unable to assist Jared with the project. As life became more hectic for Jared the bike became hard to make time for. Jared had been a long time friend and customer of Atlanta Motorcycle Works. We had helped Jared with small stuff all over his bike, this time he had a different request. Jared wanted a completely custom motorcycle to Honor his father who recently passed. From that point on we gave this bike everything we had in order to deliver something Amazing to our friend.

Jared and his family were blown away with the end result. There is a long list of things that set this bike apart from a stock RD400 but the most notable thing would be the RD400 Daytona fork swap as well RZ350 swing arm swap and wheels. There is a custom bracket allowing for an RZ Brembo front caliper. The Carbs have been vapor honed and re-jetted to work with the new DG exhaust and pod filters. The motor has been vapor honed and the case covers have been powder coated. A new halo headlight has been fitted with new brackets as well as updated hand controls that were added with a pair of blast from the past rear sets to match. The front fender is an item off of an XS750 that has been modified to fit this bike. The paint work was done inline with what Jared's dad had planned for the bike. Jared's Dad, Bob was a flat track racer in his younger days and the bike carriers his old racing numbers as well as his nick name "Bullet Bob."

  Build Specs

-RD400 Daytona front end

-RZ350  rear swing arm and mono shock

-RZ350 wheels

-Custom front caliper bracket to fit a RZ calipers

-the rear subframe has been modified for the custom flat tracker style, fiberglass seat pan.

-Blast from the past rear sets

-DG exhaust

-intake has been changed to pod filters and the carbs rejetted. 

-modified 700 series front fender

-all new hand controls

-halo headlight

-vapor honed carbs and motor, powder coated case covers