Even though we have cool bikes coming through the shop daily, some bikes still become staff favorites. That's the case here with our friend Patrick's 1971 CB500 Four. A literal 'Barn find', the little Honda had sat for years, uncovered, it didn't look like it was going anywhere soon. Luckily, Patrick could see the potential below the accumulated dust and grime and rescued her. Loading the little 500 onto a trailer he dropped her off with us for a thorough examination.After a good deal of scrubbing and disassembly we found that one of the cylinders was hydrolocked, she had some electrical gremlins, at some point the chain had broke and damaged the guard and that the front end needed a complete rebuild.

After the repairs and installation of some new parts (see build sheet for full list), Patrick wanted to add some performance and personal touches to the 500 so he had us install clubman bars, a custom header and a set of 4-into-2 Cone engineering mufflers. With the bike looking good and running smoothly we said good bye to the little Honda thinking that would be the last we saw of her.

Less than 6 months later, Patrick was back and wanted to dress up the '71 a bit more. He has us powder coat the headlight mount and bucket gloss black and repaint the little restomod a stunning gold flake green and black while retaining the factory style. New badges were then mounted to give the bike a factory fresh look.

Another happy customer!  

Build sheet:

  • Carbs rebuilt

  • Completely rebuilt front end

  • Relaced front wheel

  • New fork seals

  • New tapered steering neck bearings

  • Wheel bearings

  • New Bridgestone Battlax Tires

  • Rebuilt brakes

  • Drilled front rotor

  • Vapor honed and polished fork lowers

  • New front fender

  • New headlight bucket and ring

  • Powder coated headlight bracket

  • New control switches

  • New tachometer

  • New plugs

  • Oil change

  • Clubman bars

  • Dyna S Ignition

  • New badges

  • New chain and sprocket

  • Custom header

  • Cone engineering mufflers

  • Custom paint