Dave's - 1972 Honda CL350

A lot of riders have a favorite bike from their youth, it could be the little motocross bike you learned to ride on, or the Honda Dream you used to commute to college, or that one bike that was just out of your reach price wise but you've never forgotten. Some riders will go to great lengths to finally achieve their dream and Dave is one of those people, but there was a problem. Dave couldn't find a complete, running CL to restore. Undeterred, he brought us a CL350 with a seized engine and a CB350 donor bike since the CL and CB share the same engine and frame as well as several other components.Even though the CB's engine ran, it wasn't in the proper form for a restoration, so we took it down for a complete rebuild.

After vapor honing the engine parts looks as good as new!

With a strong foundation to work from, the engine was reassembled using all new gaskets and parts.

Here she is, painted, chromed and put back together with the correct tank, seat and bars.

 A lot of people wouldn't know the differences between the CL and CB models so we spend plenty of time making sure this restoration was as accurate as possible. We had to source the correct wheels since the CB ran a 1 inch smaller front wheel and the CL's front wheel was unsalvageable.

 Since this was a complete restoration, everything from the neck bearings, hubs, forks, carbs and of course, engine, was rebuilt. The hubs were vapor honed and polished along with the front fork lowers. Reproduction badges, controls, lights and signals were replaced making this CL look like it did on the showroom floor.

Build Sheet:

  • Complete engine Vapor Honed

  • Complete engine rebuild

  • Carbs restored and tuned

  • Factory style repaint

  • Engine covers were polished

  • Hubs and fork lowers polished

  • Frame and swing arm powder coated

  • All new switches

  • New seat and grips

  • Wheels trued and relaced